Creating a 3D model


To ensure a high standard of documentation and the need to optimize the design and more efficient cooperation with architects and contractors, we design sanitary installations in 3D. Thanks to this, we were open to new requirements set by investors. Designing sanitary installations in 3D significantly improved the quality and detail of the projects. Additionally, cross-industry coordination has become easier and more accurate. The 3D model may be operated by an installation contractor. The contractor is able to generate a cross-section for his needs in any place and an axonometric view showing more difficult situations on the construction site. There is no need to create additional, auxiliary drawings at the stage of publishing the project. The contractor can generate them at any time during the installation works.


Automatic creation of a list of elements is one of the advantages of creating a 3D model of sanitary installations. One of the biggest advantages of creating a 3D model of sanitary installations is the optimization of installation works and fewer unexpected collision problems on the construction site. In addition, a properly prepared 3D model of sanitary installations can be used in the future to manage energy and installations in the building.