About us


We come from the former, existing since 1974, specialist Air Conditioning and Ventilation Design Office “PROWENT”, which was one of the few precursors of air conditioning design in Poland. We continue to operate this office as “PROWENT SERWIS”. From the day the office was established, we have been operating continuously on the market. We design modern ventilation and air-conditioning systems and sanitary installations in various facilities: multi-family, hotel, sports, office, public utility, hospitals, pharmaceutical and industrial facilities. We comprehensively solve air quality issues in all hospital rooms, in particular in operating teams, transplantation units, intensive care units, as well as in other rooms with the highest requirements for air cleanliness. We use the latest solutions based on laminar ceilings and diffusers with absolute filters integrated into clean walls and ceilings. We design ventilation systems based on central units and decentralized systems – with individual devices; combining the functions of airing, heating and cooling rooms. Cultural facilities, due to their complicated building form, original interiors, often historic character, and high acoustic requirements are also a challenge for ventilation and air conditioning designers. We try to meet them, always adjusting our solutions to individual architectural and construction requirements. We design cooling installations for all air conditioning projects developed by us and for the needs of industrial and food technology. We use direct systems, based on refrigerants, as well as systems with an intermediate factor – water or glycol. To meet the expectations of our clients, we offer comprehensive designs of sanitary installations with energy characteristics as well as economic and environmental comparative analysis of energy sources.